TestStripsWanted.com was started in September of 2010. Our mission statement is “To connect diabetics in need with lower-cost testing supplies”. We work with companies who in turn provide diabetics in need with lower cost testing supplies. This means that diabetics who may be lower income or have no insurance now have the opportunity to buy their testing supplies at a lower cost! We are proud and happy to offer our services in the Phoenix Valley and look forward to a rapidly expanding future. With help from great people like you we will take leftover testing strips that may be taking up space in the cabinet or on the shelf and putting them into the hands of someone who can use them. If you have leftover strips from gestational diabetes, a prescription change, or for whatever reason, don’t let those strips go to waste. We can help find them a home and pay you cash in the process! We do pickups Valleywide and will soon be offering mail service as well. We look forward to your call or email, please feel free to contact us! We have all been affected by diabetes in some way, either through personal experiences, or family or friends. We want to encourage all to test properly, pay attention to your bodies, and live healthy, happy lives!